One card for all occasions

The AntePAY Card is a non-refillable PIN-based prepaid card. The end user purchases it physically or virtually and can use the paid amount to purchase products or services in webshops or stationary stores.

When paying with the AntePAY Card, no personal or sensitive data is required, the payment process is completely anonymous. Each card has a card number, PIN and QR code. With the PIN, the customer finally triggers the payment.

Advantages for you

Offer the AntePAY Card as an alternative Swiss payment method in your online shop and increase your conversion.


Benefit from the advantages of the AntePAY Card at the best conditions and comparatively low transaction fees of up to 1.8% + 0.15 CHF

No chargebacks

As a merchant you do not have to fear chargebacks and are therefore on the safe side.

Easy integration

Integrate the AntePAY Card directly into your Payrexx plugin with just a few clicks.


Advantages for your customers

Give your customers a unique shopping experience. More than 60,000 end consumers already benefit from the AntePAY Card.


Your customers no longer have to fear data misuse.  When paying no sensitive information is asked for.


Paying with the AntePAY Card is as easy as with cash.


Thanks to a maximum card value of 250 francs and the use of a PIN code, payment with the AntePAY Card is always secure.


AntePAY Card in three steps

Your customers buy the AntePAY Card at a Swiss point of sale and use it to pay in your online shop.


Find a point of sale

Your customers can use the search function to find their nearest point of sale.



There, your customers will receive the AntePAY Card with card values of CHF 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200.


Pay in your shop

Thanks to the simple integration, you can receive payments immediately via AntePAY Card in your online shop.

About AntePAY

The AntePAY Card was established in Switzerland in 2018 as a new payment system by DSCNET AG, a member of the self-regulating organisation PolyReg and is subject to strict Swiss financial market regulation.

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, you have the option of paying with the secure AntePAY Card for a growing number of selected international online offers and national transactions.

AntePAY is the main sponsor of FC Zurich.