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Simplify your order procedure by accepting payments via phone or email.

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Ideal for call centers and companies accepting orders by mail

Do you want to optimize your payment processes? Are you looking for a contemporary and convenient payment option for your customers? If so, then Payrexx is the right solution for you. Payrexx’s payment software enables a smooth payment process for you and your customers.
With Payrexx you can quickly create impressive payment forms or use a Virtual POS.

Payment forms and Virtual Terminal allow you to:

  • Accept payments by phone and email.
  • Accept payments with your PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • Quick access and payment acceptance via payment form or Virtual POS
  • Receive payments without coding skills
  • Track payments with real-time reports
  • Send payment requests by email, SMS, WhatsApp, or social media
  • Receive down payments and reservations, as well as one-time and recurring payments

How Virtual POS works

  1. Open Virtual POS in your Payrexx account.

  2. Enter customer credit card details during the phone call with your customer

  3. The payment is confirmed.

SMEs and large companies can benefit from accepting the most popular payment methods, such as MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, by phone using Payrexx Virtual POS.

Payrexx helps you to…

Get paid faster

Do not wait until your customers pay their bills. Enter the credit or debit card information yourself while accepting an order. If this is a recurring payment, the card information can be saved for next time.

Simplify your Payment Process

With Payrexx Virtual terminal, you optimize your payment process. Orders by phone can be paid immediately. Orders via e-mail are also handled quickly by sending a paylink to your customer's email. Your customers will appreciate this simplicity.

Design the payment forms

You can set up the payment form according to your taste: Choose colors, select fonts, and if you like, add a desired logo. All this and much more is available in your Payrexx account.

Manage your customers with ease

You can track processed payments in realtime in your Payrexx account. In addition to that, you can anytime export customer data to an Excel spreadsheet. This provides you with an overview of all customer data within one document.

Connect to worldwide payment providers

By connecting international payment service providers (PSPs) with one click, you can use Payrexx worldwide. Payrexx enables you to access over 200 payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express and more than 20 payment service providers.

Start immediately

You can accept your first payment without any programming skills within five minutes. You do not have to worry about the security or hire a programmer. We will look after this and make sure that you can start immediately.

Start immediately with Payrexx

After signing up, start by selling products, collecting donations or event fees. Take advantage of our free 30 day trial and test all features.

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    Choose payment methods.

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